The Dalmatian kennel "Vetřelec" offers very beautiful brown spotted dog


born on 26/6/2018

- both sides hearing dog
- full-teeth dog

REBEL VETŘELEC really inherited the best from his parents.
The power and strength of the skeleton after Daddy FANTOM VETŘELEC, which
intertwines with elegance and ease of movement after mother NOBI

After both parents, he has an amazing rich pigment, his chocolate-lacquered dot
it has such a very desirable color that they look almost black from a distance.

REBEL has a nice temperamental nature, it is easy to handle.

His pedigree boasts resounding names of champions - not only beautiful, but
of course healthy dogs and bitches.

By combining FANTOMA and NOBI, a beautiful dog was born, whose nature
she put a great genetic pool in her wreath.

Thanks to all these advantages, REBEL is a great benefit for breeding healthy,
beautiful dalmatians with a massive skeleton with elegance.
Where strength goes hand in hand with ease!

If you are interested in this dog, we wish you a pleasant viewing of the gallery
and its documents.

" Rebel and his sister Rebecca are proof that life will find its way.
Even in such terrible moments, when your insides explode with sorrow, stars can appear in the dark sky.
These two stars began to shine on my next journey, when I almost went mad with unimaginable
helplessness and sadness. Now I know the wizard's spells have already begun. A mighty magician,
a righteous man with a good heart. He enchanted even before I knew it!
Although this great mage sailed across the clear ship to the other shore, he still casts spells.
With his enchantment, he lightly accompanies another birth and other miracles. It gently leads us in
the right direction. And so more and more generations arise and will be born. Generations that are and will be created by its spells.
It's amazing and at the same time terrible, charming and at the same time scary, crazy and at the same
time wise ... It's life.
I'll be led by a great magician . Watch his enchantment with love and humility and follow him until I see
a transparent team galloping with beautiful horses. A team that stops knowingly with words, please get on
- the time has come…

Internsational Exhibition
Karlštějn 3.10.2020
semiclassclass winner - CAC, CACIB
Champion ČR WKU



Vetřelec Vetřelec

Fantom Vetřelec

FANTOM VETŘELEC is the son of the champion of the Czech Republic,
the champion of work DK Etrix Vetřelec and imported excellent bitches
Kim vom Hügel, who was especially with Etrix selected. This created
a combination of great lines and a rich unrelated gene pool!
In the blood of FANTOMA are the genes of the best Czech champions,
German champions - world winner T-Cart Edie and top dogs Perditas!
The phantom is hearing on both sides

BZH - hound hunting test
BH - trial by international order
ZOP - obedience trial of the "Kynologická jednota ČR Brno"
ZZO - test of basic dog handling by the National Examination Regulations
ZPU1 - obedience trial of the "Kynologická jednota ČR Brno"

Nobi De Portolagoa
Noble Heart
She comes from a great kennel of Mr. Martinéz - DE PORTOLAGOA.
NOBI has the best potential to follow in the footsteps of its parents:
Multichampions - black spotted dog DE PORTOLOAGOA BLACK PEARL
- JACKA and brown spotted female DE PORTOLAGOA HOLY COMPANY - HOLY.
He has a beautiful figure, an amazing head, which is very similar to his
father Jack.
She probably inherited lightness and elegance from her mother Holy.
Strength in movement over Dad.
Nobi is full-toothed with scissor taste - BAER bilat+
Kontakt: phone - +420 257 712 362, mobil - +420 603 764 426
The Dalmatian kennel "Vetřelec" near Prague - Central Czech Region.