The Dalmatian kennel "Vetřelec" offers the top-quality liver spotted stud dog

Czech Champion
Etrix Vetřelec

BAER bilat+
- full-teeth dog

Best working dog Blansko 2006
Best Stud Blansko 2006
Most beautiful dog of the show Černošice 2007 - BIS
Champion work - Dalmatian Club
! Czech Champion !
! Champion of Work !

The dog is classified as a sire in selective breeding.

born on 23/2/2003

Etrix keeps an excellent bloodline of the best Czech Champions on his father´s
side and a bloodline of the World Winner T-Cart Eddie on his mother´s side.
Etrix is a robust and strong dog of a well-balanced temperament.
He springs from a healthy and well-balanced breeding with an excellent
genetic base. Etrix is trained in obedience, protection, tracking and as
a hunting dog with the best results. He is successful not only at many
trials, but also in the show ring. We offer him to mate for advantageous
An accommodation for you and your bitch is also available.
- For the uniqueness of the bloodline has also kept semen Etrix
in spermabank!
This option can benefit the owners of such dogs from great distances.

Regional show
Uhříněves 29.9.2013
Excellent 1
Veterans winner
Special Show of dalmatins
Mladá Boleslav 28.4.2012
Working classExcellent 1 CAC,
best working dog
National Show
Klatovy 5.6.2010
Working classExcellent 1 CAC
International Show
Letňany 1.5.2010
Champion classExcellent 1 CAC
Club Show
Letňany 8.11.2009
Working classExcellent 1 CAC
International Show
České Budějovice
Champion classExcellent 2 res.CAC.
National Show
Brno 17.10.2009
Working classExcellent 1 CAC
Club Show
Konopiště 27.9.2009
Working classExcellent 1 CAC
National Show KlatovyWorking classExcellent 1 CAC
Club Show Prague 2007Honour classFirst place,
best one (dogs)
Regional show
- Černošice 5.7.2007
Working classRegional winner, most
beautiful dog
of show 2007 - BIS
Blansko 17.9.2006SpecialExcellent 1 CAC
Club ShowPuppy classVery promissing 1
Int. Show LitoměřiceYouth classExcellent 1 CAJC
Int. Show České BudějoviceIntermediateExcellent 1 CAJC, res. CACIB
Int. Show Brno IntermediateExcellent 2 res. CAC
National Show Mladá BoleslavIntermediateExcellent 2 res. CAC
Regional Show KladnoIntermediateExcellent 1 Regional Winner
Special Show PragueIntermediateExcellent 1 CAC
Int. Show Mladá BoleslavIntermediateExcellent 1 CAC
National Show BrnoWorking classExcellent 1 CAC
Club Show LounyWorking classExcellent 1 CAC
Int. Show BrnoIntermediateExcellent 1 CAC
National Show Prague LetňanyWorking classExcellent 1 CAC
Regional show PragueWorking classExcellent 1 CAC
Club Show PRAGUEWorking classV1, CAC
Regional show Vojanovy sadyWorking classRegional winner, BOB, BIG
FPR1 - trial by international order IPO
BZH - hunting trial
ZOP - obedience trial of the "Kynologická jednota ČR Brno"
ZPU1 - obedience trial of the "Kynologická jednota ČR Brno"
ZZO - obedience trial for sports training in ČR
BH - trial by Germany trial-system SChH

Vetřelec Vetřelec

Démon Vetřelec
Etrix´s father: DÉMON VETŘELEC
Trials: BZH, ZOP, ZPU1, ZPU2
is out of Agir ze Zahrad Času - excellent, bilateral hearing (BAER test +/+) dog and famous film star
and Cabris Vetřelec - excellent, strong female (her mother Džesi Heliotrop was the founder of our
breeding, she was brilliant show and also working bitch).

Etrix´s mother: ATLANTA VE ZNAMENÍ DRAKA (Elite Breeding)
Trials: ZOP, ZZO.
is the Winner of working class at Club Show and second place of working class at Club Show
Prague 2007, Excellent 1 CAC.
She is out of the World Winner T-Cart Eddie and International Champion Artemis pod Amerikou
- the Best Dam of Club Show 2004, Rescue trials and of course BAER tested +/+.
Kontakt: phone - +420 257 712 362, mobil - +420 603 764 426
The Dalmatian kennel "Vetřelec" near Prague - Central Czech Region.