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born on 4/2/1997

Démon is a black spotted, robust and powerful stud dog. He gives also liver spotted puppies. He passes rich and deep colour. Démon is father of Etrix Vetřelec and keeps the bloodline of the best Czech Champions. Démon´s offspring are numerous and healthy litters of strong puppies.

Démon´s father is the brilliant and famous Agir ze Zahrad Času - winner of many shows. This dog is a real filmstar, he was chosen for filming owing to his perfect exterior and brilliant obedience. He also shone in several advertisements.

Démon´s grandfather, Arsi Rododendron, was the Champion of Czechoslovakia, Middle European Winner, Club Winner, Winner of Slovakia, BOB etc.

Démon´s mother, Cabris Vetřelec, is a srong and robust, workly trained bich with excellent exterior. She is out of the Champion and multiple Winner Dunhil Plum Brandy and brilliant female Džesi Heliotrop.

Démon is a strictly working dog. He is the only Dalmatian trained for Ringo - demanding personal protection exercise. A dog for Ringo must be non-compromise and independent in prompt decision with stable nerve, he must also be well under control and absolutely even-minded. And this is just Démon! On account of his worrking utilisation is Démon presented at dog shows not very often - but he gained some titles inclusive of The Best Stud Dog of Club Show Louny 2004 nevertheless.

Excelent in the veteran class of Club show Prague 2007.
every time Excellent, 2 x Winner of working class, Regional Winner, The Best Stud Dog of Club Show Louny 2004

Trials: BZH (hunting trial), ZOP, ZPU 1, ZPU 2, trained for Ringo

Démon mates for advantageous conditions. Available is also an accommodation for you and your bitch.